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At Drop & Wash, we never compromise our service quality. With the various laundry services that we provide, we ensure your laundry  will be professionally cleaned. The garments are cleaned and taken care by the innovative Electrolux Lagoon® Wet Cleaning Systems. These unique and newly developed systems not only make the garments cleaner, fresher, brighter colors and not ruined by chemicals, but are also environmentally friendly too, as it does not use toxic solvent in its process. Customers can instantly feel the difference after their garments went through the innovative cleaning process.

We also emphasize a lot on giving our customers and clients convenience. Knowing that you are busy at all times, we have taken an approach to go to you instead of waiting for you to come. With our Door2Door Laundry Solutions, you just have to drop us a call and we will provide a timely pick up and delivery service. In addition, we also provide express service that promises to finish the cycle and ready for collection in 8 hours. This way, not only they can save more precious time, fuel and money, they will also get the laundry done right way and enjoy a peace of mind.

On the other hand, we also prioritize our customers as we vow to create value proposition and to give them the best service by taking the extra miles all the time. We want our customers to feel welcomed, wanted and being cared. We want to build good relationship with every single customer that surpasses the simple concept of exchanging service for money. We always try to understand the customers‟ needs and fulfill our promise. Moreover, we not only care for our customers, but also their clothes. We will check thoroughly to make sure that laundry error does not happen and do our best to avoid damaging the garments in any way. In Drop & Wash, we embrace ‘Under promise, over deliver’.


A) Lagoon™ Woolmark from Electrolux Laundry Systems
Lagoon® is the first water-based professional cleaning system to obtain the approval and being hailed by The Woolmark Company as a technological breakthrough in the professional care of garments which are by tradition, exclusively dry cleaned using chemical solvents known as perchoroethylene (perc). It is an integrated system that includes wet cleaning, drying and finishing functions that use water and biodegradable soap as a base for a surprisingly effective and ecological wet cleaning. Computer-controlled dryers and stretching machines ensure that the fabric retains its natural size and shape. The wet cleaning method can purportedly clean 99.9% of “dry clean only” garments safely, including leather, suede, most tailored woolens, silks and rayons. Unlike ordinary dry cleaning processes, Lagoon® completely eliminates non-greasy dirt by water and eliminating the need for harsh and costly chemicals. The advantages of Lagoon® System are:

(1) Whiteness and brightness: cleaning with water preserves the integrity of colors which often become dull when cleaning with chemical solvents

(2) Unprecedented stain elimination: more than 90% of all stains are eliminated without requiring any pre-treatment

(3) Kind to the environment: all detergents used are 100% biodegradable

(4) Improved operator work environment: Unpleasant chemical vapors are eliminated for the operator’s health sake Effective in cleaning leathers and hides without the need for treatment before washing or re-dying afterward.

(5) Sequinned safe: Allows clothing which has flocking, transfers or buttons to be wet cleaned.
Efficiently removes stains and smells of beer, wine, sweat and urine or something dry cleaning is not able to do.
A wide rage of washing capacity and can be used for all types of fabrics.

(6) Syariah-Compliant Wet Cleaning Method for Muslims: Unlike traditional dry cleaning which does NOT use any water during cleaning process, the Lagoon Wet Cleaning system is prayer-safe for the cleaning of sejadah (prayer mats), hijabs, telekung (prayer dresses), head-gears, abayats etc. This is particularly when the wet cleaning method uses a water-based bio-degradable high grade smart detergents thus providing peace of mind for those whom uses their garments during solat.

B) Hand Wash
Although washing by machine is very much convenient, hand washing is often a necessity as many delicate fabrics are not suitable for being put through a washing machine. By hand, launderers also can check to be sure that the garments are clean. Anyhow, stains like oil and grease can not be easily removed by hand wash and water will be wasted due to immeasurable factors.

C) Steam Pressing
This is a process of using the gas generated from the vaporized water to iron the materials, making it straight, minimize crease and to be easily organized. This is very important especially for specific attires like silk cloths, suit and gown. Due to technology advancement, the gas can now be generated from a boiler to aid the steam pressing process. As result, the clothes are well ironed as compared to normal hot ironing method.

D) Special cleaning
Drop & Wash also provide special cleaning on high fashioned couture items, handbags, shoes, carpets, soft toys, curtains and even the most delicate undergarments. Most of these products cannot be clean by normal household washing machine due to its size or the nature of fabric, and Drop & Wash is able to help them cleaned for a fresher and cleaner lifestyle. For customer’s convenience and a small fee (depending on the hours spent at the size and units of windows), Drop & Wash also provides Take-Down and Re-Hang of curtains meant for cleaning during the Pick Up and Delivery service.

E) Corporate Clients & Hospitality Requirements
Whether if you are a Budget Hotel or a Five-Star Hotel or a F&B outfit, Spas, Designer Boutiques, we are able to assist you for the laundering and wet cleaning of your staffs uniforms, executives’ laundry cleaning items and linen or F&B items.

F) Training Modules for Professional Laundry Management